About Me

Whilst I have many interests, as far as blogging goes I am primarily a gymnastics enthusiast. Ever since the summer of 1996, when I watched the Atlanta Team Final from a caravan in Wales, I have been obsessed with the sport, despite having never been a gymnast myself. 

To this day I still believe that the 1993-1996 quad produced the best gymnastics in modern history. I have a firm negative viewpoint against the new code and have begun to hate what I think of as "opposite perspective gymnastics" - a time where the code is the focal point and the routines are merely a series of ill considered motions to match it. Other things that wind me up include the NBC commentary team, but right now I am most riled about the 5-3-3 Olympic format.

IMPORTANT: Assume I don't own any of the picture and video content of this blog. Links to original web locations are listed at the end of each article 

I am primarily focused on WAG, and my favourite gymnasts include: Khorkina (but this is not to say I am one of her blind supporters), Miller, Kotchetkova, Mo Huilan, Lobazyuk, and Ponor. 

My favourite currently competing gymnast is Maroney.